New Trends of Post-Corona Marketing

Post-Corona marketing will also experience very radical changes. We need to get used to the post corona concept already. Because this term seems to give the name of a circuit in the coming years. When we talk about the distant past, even our ancestors, we are all familiar with the effects of the transition to settled order on the human race. Or you may know the industrial revolution, which is an important breaking point for understanding today’s world. There is no one who does not know the closest example, “The World After September 11”. Unfortunately, the corona epidemic will not just go out of our lives. This became very clear. Post Corona is now our new mold.

With the epidemic that surrounded the world in 2020, we are witnessing many changes. We seem to have entered a new era in many different fields sociologically, psychologically, and economically. For example, who can argue that we’re more digital than ever? — Nobody.

Corona and Marketing

Even though the sector has not been affected by a finger in this process, it seems that the brands in all areas we know have suffered seriously from this situation. In this case, we are certain that there will be changes in post-corona marketing and advertising strategies. According to this scenario, we think that sales-oriented discourses that will fill the customers’ coffers will come to the fore. The advertisements that advertising agencies have produced to receive awards for a long time will be replaced by ads that will make sales. Marketing will focus on benefit-oriented businesses, whether digital or conventional.

1- The Rise of Online Trade After Post Corona

Especially the days when we closed our house taught us a lot. It also enabled us to gain new habits. The most important of these is to be more integrated into the digital world. Physical stores will lag behind e-commerce brands after post corona. We are more used to online shopping and this habit will continue to rise after the epidemic.

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2- Freelancing Will Be One of the New Trends

With millions of people being locked in their homes, many of us are trying to sort out our jobs from our homes. Although we had a hard time in the first week, after the second and third weeks, almost all of us adapted to this situation. Millions of people around the world will face unemployment problems, especially if we consider that economic disturbances will continue after the corona. Buddha will take the concept of “freelance” on the rise.

3- The Return to the Introverted Economy and the Rise of Local Agencies

Global brands are at the top of the list of those most affected by the epidemic. It seems that after the epidemic, there will be a global supply-demand imbalance and global brands will be seriously affected by this situation. The fact that we do not experience shopping spree outside of vital needs while sitting in our house will affect our shopping habits and maybe we will start to consume less. In addition, as we have seen from the European Union, every country is taking care of itself during the epidemic process. Even if we see the assistance of some countries, this process is mostly tried to be solved by the mechanisms within the countries themselves.

Organizations such as the World Health Organization and IMF are the only names for countries at the moment. As such, post-corona countries will invest in many local brands within the scope of self-sufficiency. Instead of global brands, national productions will be focused and domestic brands will rise. In this case, we can see the rise of local agencies as well. This process seems to be an opportunity for advertising agencies that better analyze the dynamics of their country.

4- Return to Nature and the Rise of Environmentally Sensitive Ideas

The closure of millions of people to their homes and the halt of production seems to be in the business of nature, experts say. There are big improvements in a very important issue like air pollution. We will observe the rise of ideas that support green after post corona, business lines focused on recycling, and initiatives. In this sense, social sensitivity seems to have greatly increased.

In the coming days, we will witness the proliferation of initiatives that include “For A Better Planet” ideas.

The list continues like this …

5- Luxury Consumption Will Leave Its Place to Conscious Consumption

6- Cigarette Consumption Will Decrease

7- Sports and Health Sector Will Rise

8- Organic Agriculture Will Grow

9- Greatness Will Leave Its Place to Agility

10- The Number of Young Leaders Will Increase

11- ‘’ Activism ‘’ Will Rise

12- Data and Data Security Will Be More Important

13- The power and influence of social media will increase

The list could go on. But the fundamental developments will take place in this field in my opinion.

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